Laptop Repair Service - Laptop not turning on

Replacing burned audio chip on SONY VPCEE2M1E
Replacing burned audio chip on SONY VPCEE2M1E

Laptop Repair Service - Liquid Damage Repair

Alienware M11x Liquid damage repair around the power chip
Alienware M11x Liquid damage repair around the power chip

Laptop Repair Service - Laptop Service

Overheating Loud Noise with DELL Latitude
Overheating Loud Noise with DELL Latitude

Laptop Repair Service in Colchester

As technology continues to get faster and smaller, lots of users choose to replace older laptops and desktop computers to a sleek and stylish Laptop and mobile computers. As an laptop owner, you probably rely on your laptop for study, leisure or perhaps for business purposes. Having said so, you need it to be working smoothly and efficiently to be able to do or finish your tasks. The breakdown of computers and laptops is avoidable with regular laptop repair service which IT-Solve offers straight to your doorstep. Our company IT-Solve is the best place to look for solution and details of laptop repairs with the help of our technicians expertise. We provide laptop repair services in Colchester and the surrounding area of Essex.

We offer laptop repair on wide range of brands and models including DELL, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Acer near you. Additionally we provide solutions and help in different scenarios which includes but is not limited to laptop repairs, laptop screen repairs, laptop liquid damage repairs, slow laptop repairs, virus clean, laptop service, laptop clean and most of all we can also recover lost data from damaged laptop drives and USB drives.

Some of the common repairs in our Macbook Repair Service are:

  • Laptop won’t turn on repair
  • Laptop with black screen repair
  • Power surge when computer was working
  • Computer is making weird noises and won’t turn on
  • Liquid spilled over the laptop
  • liquid damage laptop repairs
  • Laptop with no light repairs
  • No picture on laptop screen repairs
  • Beeping sounds from the computer repairs
  • Motherboard repairs
  • Logic board repairs
  • Laptop service
  • Laptop liquid damage repair
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Did you noticed any of the symptoms above?

If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, give us a call and we will advise for the best scenario.

Our technicians in Colchester, Essex will provide the service you require in your home or office at your convenience, at a cost you can afford.

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How we do it?

Quote over the phone

You can get an idea what is wrong with your Computer by speaking directly with one of our technicians and get an estimated price over the phone based on the issue you are experiencing.

 Diagnostic and check up procedure

Our friendly and highly qualified computer engineers will visit you in your home or office and do the complete diagnostic of your system to identify the reason behind your troubles.

Report of the faults

We will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and parts.

If upgrades are available and requested we will offer you the best match to your circumstances.

Repair of your computer

Once you agreed with the repair, we will attempt to repair it at your place.

If onsite repair is not possible, we will take your Computer to our repair centre where we can carry out the repair.

Advice for preventing future issues

Once repair is completed our engineer will advise you on how to prevent a breakdown in the future.

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