Computer Repair Service for Schools and Institutions

School Computer repairs

We offer express onsite computer repairs and IT support, covering multiple IT services on preferential prices just for schools and educational  institutions.

Having IT issues is frustrating from small printing problems to cracked screen on laptop or tablet, we know that best that’s why we offer blazing fast and hassle free Computer Repair Service tailored for Schools and Institutions.
Furthermore you can choose between different price plans offering different level of service suiting your requirements and IT infrastructure.

We are not regular IT Support company who deals only with software, networking or servers, we go beyond that, by repairing computer hardware and fixing IT and software problems.

By choosing our service, you are receiving pre-booked on site call out engineer whenever you have an IT issue or broken Computer.

School iMac repair service
Computer and Laptop repair service for Schools and Organizations

With our engineers available by booking, you can have your school computers fixed in no time. Either same day or next day of repairs is available after booking is placed.

Our repairs cover different type of Laptops and Computers by covering different issues.

We offer multiple Computer and Laptop Repair services:

Apple Macbook and Laptop Motherboard Repair Service

Laptop motherboard repairsOur trained electronic engineers are specialised in repairing laptop and computers with different sort of motherboard problems.  Due to the nature of these computers been based on electronic circuit boards and IC chips, all of the brands and models work on the same principal. We have extensive knowledge of repairing electronics and can quickly diagnose and repair your Apple or Windows laptop or computer.

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Broken or Cracked Macbook and Laptop Screen Repair Service

Macbook Pro cracked screen repair serviceMacbook and laptop broken screen repairs is our specialty as well. We have extremely quick repair turnaround.  Most of the repairs are done within 1-4 business days,  depending on the parts needed.

All of the repairs are done on high quality standard, by using only genuine parts.
Repairs we do are:

– Macbook Broken Glass repairs
– Macbook Broken Screen repairs
– Laptop broken screen repairs
– Laptop Cracked screen repairs

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Laptop Power jack repair service

Laptop Power jack repair serviceIf you have noticed your laptop is not charging or power connector is getting loose. Then most likely there is charging problem and need laptop power jack repair. We can quickly dispatch an engineer which will asses the situation and collect the laptop. Once laptop is repaired we will return it in full working condition. And most of the time you can even have this service within same or next day.

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Laptop Broken or Damaged USB port Repair Service

Laptop Broken USB port Repair ServiceSometimes those fragile USB ports brakes easily if you trip on the Charging cable or wire. We specialise in motherboard repairs and can repair such issues in short time, without involving expensive motherboard replacement service.

Give us a call to receive an estimation for your repair.

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Macbook & Laptop Memory or HDD Replacement and Upgrade Service

Apple Laptop faulty keyboard repair service

If you are suspecting that your Computer, Laptop and Macbook needs Upgrade Service, we may help, by collecting your laptop replacing/upgrading necessary parts.  We offer different type of upgrades:
– Apple Macbook SSD upgrade service
– Apple Macbook RAM upgrade service
– Apple Macbook Hard Drive upgrade service
– Dell Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service
– HP Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service
– Lenovo Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service
– Asus Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service
– Acer Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service
– Toshiba Laptop RAM or Hard Drive upgrade service

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Macbook & Laptop Liquid damage Repair Service

Macbook & Laptop Liquid damage Repair Service

We are aware that accident may occur especially with our busy work we don’t have much time to squeeze tea of coffee break in. Resulting on that coffee cup ending up upside down on your laptop.
Even though it’s scary, there is nothing to worry as long as it’s responded quickly. Liquid has tendency to show its damage after couple days of usage and if responded and repaired within couple of hours or same day most of the laptops escape expensive part replacements.

So if you have spilled liquid on your laptop or macbook, don’t wait damage to become unrepairable. Call us immediately for quick advice and call out engineer to attend onsite and resolve the issue.

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Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service

Macbook Keyboard Replacement ServiceOften liquid damage occurs on a small scale where keyboard takes the hit. In such cases laptop may work correctly, apart than couple keys on the keyboard.

We deal with this issues by replacing the keyboard by offering keyboard only replacement. This service is much cheaper than Apple’s palmrest replacement service, as it requires replacement only of the damaged components. Which is the keyboard in most of the cases.

Give us a call today to arrange your Macbook Keyboard Replacement Service

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Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service

If some of your keys are intermittent or not working at all, then you may need keyboard replacement service.

You can call us to arrange an engineer to come onsite and replace your Laptop Keyboard

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Overheating Laptop & Mac Repair Service

Overheating Laptop Repair ServiceHave you noticed your laptop getting hot like your cup of coffee? Then most likely it needs servicing.

Overheating is one of the major issues causing laptops to break down. After couple of years of usage, laptops and computers collect vast amount of dust due to their rotary elements and fans pulling fresh air and pushing out heat. This dust when collected have tendency to block the radiators and exhausts limiting air intake areas of your computer or laptop.

We deal with similar issues on daily basis and can dispatch an engineer to your location to have a look and service your laptop.

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Data Backup and Restore Services

Data Backup and Restore Services

We offer Data Backup and Restore solutions for any situation. From Windows/Mac reinstall to disaster recovery we cover all.
Let us know what service you need and we will assist or let our technician choose best fit for your organisation.

We do not compete on corporate high class expensive backup service level, as we offer customised one-to-one backup and recovery solutions tailored for small organisations and their limited budget.

And of course we follow data protection act, ensuring that your confidential data stays within your computer’s boundaries and is only accessible by you. There are no leaks in this company.

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Software or Internet problems

If you have noticed your system is running slow, than most likely operating system is bloated or there is virus infection slowing down the system. We can quickly attend on site in your organisation and  restore the order of your gadgets.

We also provide authorized Microsoft packages such as Windows and Office on discounted  prices for educational organisations.

We offer school computer repair services which includes software and printing problems:

Windows and Mac Installation

Apple Mac InstallationIf you have slow working or crashing Windows or Mac Operating System, we can quickly backup the relevant data and reinstall the system. We can collect the system and restore it to its initial stage quickly.

On both Apple Mac and Windows platforms we offer same computer installation service, which you may need if your:

– Computer or Mac is running slow.
– Apple Mac computer is showing white screen with question mark.
– Apple Mac computer is showing forbidden sign.
– Windows is not loading.
– Apple Mac computer is not loading.
– You need licensed Microsoft Software installation such as Windows, Microsoft Office, etc.

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Windows and Mac System Recovery

Windows and Apple Recovery ServiceIf you have experienced issue with your Mac or Windows system and need it to be restored or Recovered to its initial stage, we are here to help.

We offer extensive Computer Restore and Computer Recovery services. As a part of the service you will have all of your data backed up before the recovery stage and restored after the recovery. This way you can be assured that all of your data will be in place after the service.

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Printing and Scanning problems

Printing repair serviceIf you noticed printing or scanning issues in your organization and need assistance, we may able to help. We can dispatch an engineer to your location within couple of hours of your booking and resolve the problem same day.
We cover multiple printing and scanning areas by offering these services:

– Printer toner replacements.
– Printer setup and network access.
– Printer and plotter setup.
– Setting up scanning from multiple computers.
– Jammed or faulty printer repairs.

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Virus infection repair and cleaning service

Virus InfectionIf you have noticed your Windows or Mac running slow or having pop-ups than most likely it got infected. Call us and we will dispatch an engineer to check before it gets out of control or infects other computers.
Some of the signs that you may have virus infection are as follows:

– Slow working Windows or Mac.
– Popups over the screen advising you to buy something.
– Popup screen warning you of virus infection and advising you to download their antivirus.
– More than usual ads while browsing on the web.
– Web pages opens from itself with random content and addresses.
– Web pages start playing music or audio recording urging to buy a product.

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Blue Screen Repair Service

Windows Blue Screen repair servicesBlue screen error messages occurs when Windows is having issues and cannot access some parts of the operating system.

Due to the general nature of these errors, this type of problem can be caused by multiple reasons which may not be correlated.
Some of the reasons we see often can be:

– Faulty hardware such as RAM or Graphic Card.
– Damaged operating system files.
– Virus, Adware or Malware infection.
– Incompatible driver installation.
– Incompatible Windows Updates.
– etc.

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Macbook & iMac White Screen Repair Service

iMac Stuck on White Screen Repair Service

Apple Computers usually responds with White screen when there is a fault with the operating system or hard drive. We deal with all Apple Computers and can collect, repair and return your iMac or Macbook fully repaired.

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Tablet and iPad repairs

Broken screen or broken USB port on your tablets, not an issue. We can replace the necessary parts without need of buying new device.

Laptop and Tablet repairs:

Cracked tablet screen replacements

Broken iPad screen repairsiPad or Tablet with cracked or broken screen. No worries, we can send an engineer and collect the tablet, replace the screen and return it back to you.

Give us a call to arrange your visit today.

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Broken Tablet and iPad USB or Power jack Repair Service

Tablet broken USB or Power jack Repair ServiceIf you have tablet or iPad which is not charging or connecting to a computer, then most likely USB port is damaged. We can repair these tablets and mobiles in no time.

We have most of the USB ports and jacks in stock and can do such repair within couple of days.

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Tablet or Phone with broken Headphone Jack Repair Service

Tablet or Phone with broken Headphone Jack Repair Service

If you had your headphone jacked snapped inside of your Phone or Tablet. We can help with that.

We can safely remove damaged bit, which is stuck inside or replace the whole headphone jack.
You can arrange this service by calling our engineers and we will come onsite to collect your tablet or phone, repair and return it back to you.

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Do you need anything else?

Call us to discuss your computer repair options.

We offer 30 Days warranty on all of our repairs.

Motherboard repairs with 30 days warranty!

We do all of our repairs in house and don’t send them off to other repair companies. Our engineers are with MSc Computer Science and Electronics degrees and with years of experience.

Your computer will be in good hands with us! If still not convinced check out our customer’s feedback and reviews.

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We are proud to be listed with edFirst as preferred IT Maintenance and Computer Repair suppliers for Schools in Essex Area.

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